A Clothes Proposal ‘The Prom’ By Mrs H Crew

The Background….

Every year the year 11 pupils of Maryhill High School in Kidsgrove thoroughly enjoy attending their prom.

Unfortunately and particularly in the current climate of austerity, some pupils struggle to afford a ticket to the prom let alone fund a whole new outfit and accessories.

Teenagers are very fashion conscious and being ‘on trend’ is very important for their self esteem and credibility amongst their peers. Teenagers are often perceived in a negative light. However, the project outlined below would go some way towards re addressing the balance.

The project….

As an alternative to buying a new outfit and accessories, I propose to source charity shop second hand outfits and accessories. The clothing would be transformed using the pupil’s creative and practical skills here in school. This would encourage the pupils to consider the concept of recycling, cost saving, sustainability and the impact of environmentally friendly behaviour on future generations. Ultimately the pupils will learn a lifelong lesson and will gain a greater awareness and appreciation of value for money.

The outcome….

The pupils will organise and stage a clothes show extravaganza. There will be dancing, photographers, voting and not to mention a cat walk. Cost comparisons will be made and value for money will be calculated  co compare new V’s second hand.

Tag line …..

‘Next generation clothing, transforming your prom!’


Thank you for taking the time to read about my proposal.


Mrs H Crew

Lead teacher for Art and Design