A Flair for International Fashion at UAK

Modern Foreign Language students from the University Academy Kidsgrove (UAK) took part in a fashion related competition in Nottingham to inspire more young people to continue with their language learning.

The event at Nottingham Girls’ High School was organised by the Business Language Champions for students from Staffordshire schools to take part in a competition related to fashion. Business Language Champions is a company ran as a social enterprise, which aims to promote modern foreign languages and cultural cohesion, by demonstrating to young people the importance of language skills in the workplace.

Year 10 and 11 students were set their first ‘ice-breaker’ task to allow them to get to know each other and be able to work together as a team with students from local schools. Students were asked to put a list of brands in order of their market value from highest to lowest.

Students then listened to a keynote speech given by a University Lecturer from the University of Nottingham who specialised in fashion and marketing and used to work for the ‘Speedo’ company.  She was very informative and gave the students advice about the task they were about to do as well as an introduction to the business side of the fashion industry.

In teams of six, each named after a well-known fashion brand, students from across a range of schools worked together to develop a market research questionnaire in Spanish to find out what people like or want from a pair of jeans, asking as many people as they could.  Students had to take a number of measurements before having to come up with a unique idea for a new design of denim jeans.  After a lot of deliberation, there were some great ideas presented including a ‘My Jeans’ idea where you can design your own style, and also a David Bowie ‘70s inspired pair of flares.

Throughout the afternoon, students began to present their ideas to the rest of the group. After the presentations, the teams had a chance to ask questions, before waiting in anticipation for the final results for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The winning team was Team H&M which included Caitlin B, Bethany G and Caitlyn B from UAK.

What a great effort from all students involved in the day. Miss H Loft, Spanish Teacher, said: “I am extremely proud of the UAK students’ work ethic, effort, language skills and professional performance at the event. Well done UAK.”

Caitlin B, Year 11 student said: “I really enjoyed interacting with other students during the jeans questionnaire. It was very interesting to listen to other students’ knowledge of language and learn new phrases.”

Gracie-Mae C, Year 11 student said: “I really enjoyed the event as we teamed up to show off our skills with Spanish. It was a good day to meet new people and learn how fashion involves languages.”

Paige S, Year 11 student said: “It was good to learn how languages can benefit you when getting a job and how they can be used to improve yourself.”