Ceramic Tile Project Grand Opening!

 Ceramic Tile Grand OpeningCeramic Tile Grand Opening
Ceramic Tile Grand OpeningCeramic Tile Grand Opening

Art can take many forms and inspiration for those forms can emerge from the most unlikely places.  A fine example of that is the new Ceramic Tile Mosaic in reception at Maryhill High School.

Kidsgrove public toilets are not normally thought to be inspiring, however, Phil Hardaker, a local ceramist, whose daughter has just left Maryhill, decided they needed a make-over!  He invited the local community to get involved and make ceramic wall tiles.

When head teacher, Fiona Hewardine, saw the results after several students got involved in the project, she realised what a powerful statement could be made should students at the school do the same thing but centred around Maryhill.

Anyone who now visits Maryhill can see the display created by staff and students, each tile having been individually handcrafted.  The finished display is truly inspiring on so many levels. Images and words come together in a powerful and tactile experience – definitely Art at its best!

Mr Austin, Art Teacher at Maryhill High School, organised the project and said, “I would like to thank all those involved for proving yet again that Maryhill is a creative, caring and successful school which realises teamwork and co-operation can achieve great things!” 

A formal opening of the Mosaic took place on Friday 14th September.