Clothes Show 2011





On Monday 5th December I went to the clothes show! It was Amazing!  We went on a coach and got there about 10.30am.  We all went straight to the fashion show and words cannot describe the amount of fun we had.  All of the clothes were so beautiful.  After that we shopped till we dropped!  I had such a good day and I’m sure all the others did too.  It was my idea of heaven!

Charlotte Lewis


On Monday 5th December Mrs Crew took a group of students from Year 7 – 10 to the clothes show at the Birmingham NEC. We took a coach to the NEC before watching an amazing fashion show.  The performance and outfits were all beautiful.  After the spectacular show we hit the shops.  The shops were all really nice and sold different and unique fashion.  All everyone could say throughout the day was …. WOW!

Victoria Byrne

You will find more info on the clothes show web site – there are some good video’s on there too.