Creatures of The Rainforest descend on Year 8

Zoo Lab Rainforest Workshop
Live Rainforest animals descended upon University Academy Kidsgrove this week!

To enrich their studies in Geography, Year 8 students had the opportunity to meet live Rainforest creatures in school, thanks to a visit from the ‘Zoo Lab’ Rainforest Workshop.

Zoo Lab Workshops enhance learning by allowing students to meet exotic animals face to face in the classroom! Visiting animals included a snake, tree frog, tarantula, stick insects, a giant land snail and a scorpion.

Students were gentle, quiet and considerate around the animals and their behaviour was impeccable as they learned about the many layers of a Tropical Rainforest and the creatures who live there.

The visit was a clear hit with the students who took great interest, asking lots of questions about the animals and their habitat. It was fascinating to see these amazing creatures up so close!

You can read more about Zoo Lab at: