Cross Country Champions

Cross Country ChampionsAt the start of the school term, 4 Cross Country races took part across the Newcastle Schools District.  They involved all schools in Newcastle and around 600 pupils took part.
We had a strong team made up of year 7s, 8s, 10s and 11s, both boys and girls.
In the U16 category a battle for first place was fought between Casey Maddock and Kearyn Hopley.  Casey won the first race, whilst Kearyn dominated in the next two.  The final race was run very tactically and Casey bought home Gold.  Both boys now go on to compete at the County Championships.
In the year 7 contest, Lauren Cade won all of her races and also progresses to the County finals.
All other competitors improved their performance at every race, and finished by beating their positions by 10 in the last race.
The PE department are very proud of each and every participant from UAK and now look forward to the Cross Country Relays later on in the year.

Competitors: Lauren Cade, Leah Vaughan, Lara Owen, Rebekah Bosson, Bethan Cornes, Elizabeth Edwards, Shea Rafferty, Jordan Moulton, Ben Oakley, Casey Maddock and Kearyn Hopley.

Photo from left to right: Kearyn Hopley, Lauren Cade, Casey Maddock.