CSI Investigation Day with St John’s Primary Year 6


UAK was joined by a team of expert scientists from St John’s Primary school today, to investigate the grisly murder that took place the previous night!

The morning consisted of practical activities to investigate the ‘evidence’ that the killer had left behind. Our year 6 forensic scientists used CSI-style techniques including flame tests on various powders using Bunsen burners, and examining dyes using chromatography to identify the pen used at the crime scene.

At the end of the morning, students brought all their ideas together to finally catch the culprit!

Scroll down the page for more photos from the day.

Do you want to find out more about chromatography and how it is used to solve crimes? There is an article about it here: http://www.explainthatstuff.com/chromatography.html

So, what did St John’s Primary School like best about their CSI Day visit?

Kyle: “I liked finger prints because no one has prints like any other people again. The school is nice and I liked break because we got biscuits and a drink. I also found out that no one else have got the same prints as anyone else.”

Grace: “I liked the Bunsen burners because you get to mess with fire. I also liked the finger prints because you get to see the patterns on your fingers. Although they were good I liked the part where you get to put the line on a piece of paper and watch it rise up. I didn’t think that pens could do that.”

Max: “I liked burning the chemicals and I found out that number 2 the green chemical, a 1 pence or a 2 pence coin is the same but a coin is like a powder before it is turned into a coin. Chromatography – I liked using colours and drawings to show what pens and special paper can do.”

Joshua: “I liked using the Bunsen burners because I like burning things and I like playing with different chemicals. I also like the canteen because it’s colourful and I also like the teachers in the school because they are kind and helpful.”

Ashley: “I liked doing the finger prints because they are different. I have never done anything about fingerprints before. I really like this school. I also like the teachers because they are different and they use their manners.”

The teachers from St John’s Primary were very positive about the day too

Mrs Antrobus
Made to feel very welcome. Good links with younger/feeder schools.
Very organised. Very hands on for less academic children, and very interesting FUN!!! Children were engaged. Peer Mentors very helpful.

Mr Turner
Fantastic morning! Children really engaged because it is fun, interesting and related to a real life scenario. All staff and peer mentors are very helpful, knowledgeable and welcoming. Thank you very much!

Mrs Bickerton
Really fun! Children really enjoyed it. Staff and peer mentors very helpful.