Experiencing life in “The Age of Industry”

Quarry Bank Mill - History TripQuarry Bank Mill - History Trip

Students at Maryhill High School visited Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire to get a glimpse of what life was like during The Industrial Revolution.

Quarry Bank Mill is one of Britain’s greatest industrial heritage sites and it demonstrates how a complete industrial community lived during The Industrial Revolution. The Cotton mill houses the Europe’s most powerful working waterwheel and the guided tour of the Apprentice House, which housed the pauper children who worked in the mill, teaches much about how life was in that era.

The following review is written by students who attended the trip:

“Firstly we visited the Apprentice House.  This was very interesting as we got to find out what an apprentices life would be like.  I also got to make a lot notes which will help with our coursework.

Then we walked around the cotton mill.  We found out the jobs that children would do in the mill and I also got to make more notes.

Brilliant trip ! ! ! ”
by Lauren Butler & Lauren-Rose Wight 

Anyone interested in finding out more about Quarry Bank Mill, visit their website at: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/quarry-bank-mill/