Religious Education

 University Academy, Kidsgrove Photographer: Anthony McArdle - 07884 334 834.

So, what is RE? Well, it is Religious Education. It is taught here from Years 7 through to 11 and the content varies greatly from year to year. Students can take a journey from the very basics of religion through to the philosophical questions surrounding the existence of God and the nature of the universe in which we live.

With Schemes of Work for every year group having been re-written or in the process of being           re-written, students are guaranteed a fresh and up to date experience. Through RE, students are encouraged to investigate and explore different cultures and religions and are shown how to appreciate points of views and beliefs that are different to their own.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that each pupil who sits in an RE lesson gains a deeper understanding and a greater respect for the world in which they live in both religious and secular terms.  The course focuses on ethical issues and allows you to consider your opinions about them. Your opinions will be shaped by the opinions of others and detailed facts about each topic.

We ask questions such as:

  • Should animals be tested on?
  • When should life come to an end?
  • Is crime always a sin?
  • Can you truly ever forgive and forget?
  • When does life begin?

All lessons are interactive and require students to express their views through paired, group and class discussion.  Lessons feature a range of images, videos, songs and texts to show key information and to help form debate.  Students will be expected to carry out personal study and the more they do of this the better their understanding will become.

Tough questions will be posed but you will be helped to answer them. You will enjoy it!