Resistant Materials – Key Stage 4 (Year 9, 10 & 11)

Welcome to Resistant Materials KS4 (Years 9, 10 & 11)

During Key Stage Four students studying Resistant Materials produce work for their controlled task set by the Examination Board.  Work has ranged from designing an accessory for a sport or music activity. Some students make a focus on home living designing modern coffee tables or storage to utilise modern homes.

Both the Engineering and Resistant Materials courses are focus on designing for a client. One of their aims is to research the needs of the client and potential problems someone may face in using their product.  One of the key learning objectives is about Anthropometrics and Ergonomics. Students consider the needs of the able bodied and disabled user, designing around their needs.

Maryhill High has enjoyed increasing success in Resistant Materials during the past three years, with results demonstrating that students are engaged and enjoy the subject.  The Resistant Materials and Engineering courses are delivered to enable students to learn how to use the Core subjects in presenting an idea, to use their creative drawing and design, to realise their ideas in 3d software, and to manufacture a suitable product.

Designing and making for real clients and for real life situations has enabled students to see the relevance of their work, and has also engaged the interest of local companies such as KMF Precision Sheet Metal Ltd.

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Pupils in all years regularly take a lead role in designing, making and selling products. Recent enterprise activities have included Valentines chocolates and personalised biscuits and Christmas decorations.

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Springhead Primary Attend Christmas Workshop

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Maryhill Drag Race 2011

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‘Make It’ Enterprising Challenge Trip

8 members of Year 9 went to Wychwood Park for a ‘Make It’ Enterprising Day on 24 March 2011. For further details click here.

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