Grass Fires around the Easter Holidays

A warning from the emergency services…

Deliberately starting grass fires is a crime. Don’t stop the emergency services being somewhere they could save a life. If you see a fire call 999. If you know who started it call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

A grass fire in your area could result in:

  • Firefighters being unable to attend other emergencies like house fires and car accidents as they are putting out deliberate grass fires
  • The lives of the public and firefighters being put in danger
  • Wildlife getting hurt or losing their homes
  • Countryside getting ruined which will limit where you can play and walk

How you can help keep the countryside green:

  • Don’t ever play with matches or lighters
  • If you see someone playing with fire leave the area and tell an adult
  • If an adult smokes, ask them to make sure the cigarette is extinguished properly
  • Put all your litter in the bin – sunlight can shine through bottles and glass and start a fire