History Students travel back in time… to Pompeii

Sorrento History VisitSorrento History Visit
In July 2012, a group of Students and Staff from Maryhill High School visited Sorrento, Italy to develop their knowledge and understanding of life in Pompeii at the time of the volcanic eruption and how the lives of inhabitants were impacted.  The visit also offered an insight into Italian culture historically and as it is today.
The group visited the partially buried Roman town-city of Pompeii where they saw many of the excavated buildings ranging from shops to the amphitheatre as well as the famous preserved casts of some of the bodies. Later they made the long, snaking walk up the slopes of Mount Vesuvius!  An evening of bowling followed, along with some well deserved rest.
On the second day, they travelled by hydrofoil to the Isle of Capri and took a chairlift to the summit of Monte Solaro where the views were spectacular of the Bay of Naples.  Finally, on the last day, they visited the famous Amalfi Drive. The views were breathtaking on this thrilling drive around the scenic coastline passing through the traditional towns and villages.  In the evening they experienced a “Tarantella Show” in Sorrento, an evening of music and dance.
The behaviour of the pupils on the trip was exemplary and it was definitely a trip of a lifetime enjoyed by all.