Year 8 Class Band perform at Keele University

UAK’s Year 8 Class Band were asked to perform by Entrust Music Service Staffordshire to demonstrate what can be achieved through the Class band project. They performed several pieces in front of music teachers (including Heads of Department) from schools all over Staffordshire and Cheshire.

After the performance Mr Breeze received many positive comments from the visiting music teachers who were impressed with how well the students had performed and the way in which they conducted themselves.

Joshua Sourbutts: “We performed in front of music teachers at Keele University and it was very good fun. We got a round of applause from the teachers.”

Megan Burgess: “I enjoyed the conference at Keele University because I got to do a duet.”

Sophie Barber: “We were invited to perform at Keele University. It boosted my confidence more playing in front of people I didn’t know.”

Year 8 Class Band perform with Halle Orchestra

The students of UAK’s Class Band were invited, with other schools, to perform with the Halle Orchestra at the Victoria Hall in Hanley. The students were given the opportunity to play their instruments with professional musicians from the orchestra. They also got to experience hearing a live orchestra perform famous classical pieces and songs from films such as Harry Potter and Indiana Jones.

The invitation was extended to help celebrate the hard work the students have put in to their Class Band project over the last 2 years.

Mr Breeze said “It was a great experience for all the students taking part. Most of them had never experienced listening to a live orchestra before and many were amazed at the sound they made.”

Joshua Wooldridge: “We were asked to perform with the Halle Orchestra which created an experience with an orchestra. The experience was unique and we had the privilege of our own dressing room. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am pleased I got the chance to do.”

Casey Shufflebotham: “We played with the Halle and lots of other schools. It was really fun, and it was an honour.”

Sophie Barber: “We went to play at the Victoria Hall to join in with the Halle Orchestra. I really enjoyed it because it was fun to be in the background and helping out with something that we had seen on Youtube.”

Olympic Visit

Earlier this year we were very lucky to have K1 Olympic Gold Medallist Joe Clarke visit us here at UAK.

Joe came in to talk to us about his experience at Rio and his dedication to his sport.

Joe showed off his medal and even passed it around for pupils to touch and wear.

Joe talked about how hard he has worked to get to the Olympics and encouraged pupils to have big aspirations and always work hard towards their dreams.

Mrs Castrey commented: “Joe created a real buzz around school and the pupils were in awe of him.  Joe was a natural with the pupils and was really down to earth.

It was a real honour to have Joe speak to us and UAK wish him all the best on his road to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”

School Games Finals 2017

On Friday 23rd June a group of Year 10 pupils were asked to umpire for the County Year 7 Netball Finals at the School Games at Keele University. They have previously umpired primary school competitions and were selected to umpire again at this event.

Whilst there the pupils met two Olympic Gold medallists; Sam Quek (Hockey) and Ian Marsden (Paralympic canoeist).

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the day and it has helped their confidence and knowledge of netball ready for their GCSE PE assessment next year.

Mrs Castrey commented: “I am so proud of the girls.  They conducted themselves professionally and represented the school well.

It has been really lovely to watch the girls grow in confidence over the year with their umpiring and I am proud of how much they have learned and taken on board.”

UAK Perform at the North Staffordshire Cheerleading Championships

On Tuesday 9th May, the ‘Panthers Cheerleading Team’ at UAK performed at the North Staffordshire Cheerleading Championships.

The event which took place at Fenton Manor consisted of 17 team members across all year groups and was choreographed by team captain Charlie Betley.

Teacher, Mrs Castrey commented: “I am so proud of all the students who performed in the North Staffordshire Cheerleading Championships. They worked so hard on their routine and gave it their all. They left the competition feeling proud with their heads held high.”

Performers: Charlie Betley, Maddison Williams-Powell, Holly Jones, Charlotte Proctor, Megan Hancock, Olivia Scally, Sophie Sterling, Rebecca Morgan, Laurie Rogerson, Leona Owens, Tors Eardley, Lauren Skellam, Alice Chappell, Gracie Price, Abbie Allen, Natasha Plumb and Jorja Gardiner.

Watch the performance online at:

May the 4th be with you!

We had a fun Star Wars Day theme in the canteen during lunch yesterday to celebrate “May the 4th”.

The Star Wars soundtrack could be heard echoing down the corridor as pupils queued to enter for lunch.  Catering Academy donned costumes, decorated the Kitchen and serving area with Star Wars memorabilia  and served aptly renamed dishes such as ‘Ham Solo’, ‘Princess Layer Jelly’ and ‘Jabba the Pizza Hut’.

Key Stage 3 Dance at UAK

During the last half term Key Stage 3 students have been studying dance during their PE lessons.

Year 7 girls have been discussing the actions of dance, and then looking at different genres of dance.  They have put together their own routine using the 5 actions and then adapted a learned routine for Line Dancing and Bhangra.

Year 7 boys discussed the actions of dance and then focussed on the Haka.  They learnt the words and movements to the traditional Haka Ka Mate and then adapted some movements to include their own ideas.

Year 8 girls and boys have been studying stimulus and what stimuli can inspire a dance.  They then focussed on Thriller and created their own routine based on Michael Jackson’s iconic music video.

Year 9 girls studied the contemporary ballet of Ghost Dances by Christopher Bruce.  They created a contemporary dance in groups based on the ghosts featured in the ballet.

All of the pupils have been challenged and stretched within Dance.  They have been taken out of their comfort zones and made to think ‘outside the box’.  I am really pleased with how every pupil has responded to dance this half term.  Despite some quite challenging concepts, they have excelled and really shone.

Important: Road & Bike Safety

It has been reported by the public that some UAK pupils were riding their bikes dangerously along Newchapel Road & the surrounding areas.

Please ride safely & stay on the correct side of the road.