Hoodies for Year 11 Leavers


This year, the Year 11 Students who will be leaving after their GCSE exams in June have ordered some special leavers’ hoodies to commemorate their years at Maryhill High School.  The students gathered in the gym to try on thier snazzy new gear, with their own personalised colours and some students personalising theirs even further, with names and slogans incorporated onto the front.  The numbers on the back of the hoodies have the names of every student in the year within them, so the fun for some students was finding where their own name was!

See below for some pictures of the students having great fun with their new attire, and we wish them all every success in the future when it is time for them to leave!

 IMG_1629 IMG_1645 IMG_1649 IMG_1653 IMG_1656