‘Hope’ visits University Academy Kidsgrove

Students from University Academy Kidsgrove (UAK) welcomed the educational performance group, Takeaway Theatre Company to perform a hard-hitting piece of theatre exploring key issues around bullying and relationships.

Takeaway Theatre Company is a Theatre in Education (TIE) group who deliver high impact and entertaining projects to schools throughout the UK. Hope has toured UK schools for the past ten years and is a contemporary and powerful production that combines music and drama.

Hope tells the story of a beautiful and successful pop star returning to the town where she grew up for the first time in years. A chance encounter between her and an old school acquaintance brings back painful memories of her childhood and the systematic abuse and bullying she suffered at the hands of a classmate. Hope is a story of courage, self-empowerment and redemption.

The informative and thought-provoking play is expertly delivered by professional actors. The project uses the issue of bullying to explore emotional and social health issues of relationships, decision-making and friendships by promoting good behaviour and respect for others.

During the performance, the Key Stage 3 students were engaged in a mid-show discussion using forum theatre. This intervention allowed the students to decide the fate of the characters and the consequences they face.

Student Sophie, Year 8 said: “I enjoyed the performance because it made me sad and happy at the same time.  It showed me that you can tell someone if you’re getting bullied and you shouldn’t hide it away from people.”

Student Tom, Year 8 also said: “The Takeaway performance was amazing.  I learnt so much from it and it inspired me to always tell someone if something is wrong.”