‘Jump Off’ for British Heart Foundation

On Tuesday 21 June 2011, students from Year 8 took part in the ‘Jump Off’ event to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation to help fund new research into heart care and raised a whopping £486.00. It also showed students the benefits of skipping and encourage them to get fit.

Some Year 10 Btec students helped out by showing the Year 8 students what to do, encouraging them and also taking photographs.

The students who took part were:

8AW: Chloe Clarke, Molly Harley, Michaela Littleton, Emma-Marie Tomlinson, Bethany Walker

8GJ: Brittany Astley, Alexena Laws, Georgia Marlow, Penny Steele

8HM: Francesca Akehurst, Victoria Byrne, Courtney Dobson, Alice Foster, Hollie Mayer

8SBA: Lindsey Norris, Nina Rawlingson

8SIA: Robyn-Jayne Hopwood, Georgina Jordan, Catriona Rew, Amy Sanderson, Chloe Selman

8SP: Katie Eptlett, Kirsty Jackson, Chelsea Lawton, Charlotte Lewis, Olivia Taylor, Ellis Whitehurst

10CC: Georgia Moss

10DB: Hayley Gibson, Jessica Podmore

10DN: Phoebe Sammon

10IN: Hayley Gibson, Heather Hulme, Chloe Lawrence, Demi McKinney

10KB: Kayleigh Amison, Charlotte Bowcock, Alice Butler, Demi Dawson, Charlie Maddock, Charley Smith

10RH: Leanne Manwaring, Summer Morgan, Annalise Potts, Kimberly Sterling, Abbi Wilkes

Well done ladies!