Key Stage 3 Dance at UAK

During the last half term Key Stage 3 students have been studying dance during their PE lessons.

Year 7 girls have been discussing the actions of dance, and then looking at different genres of dance.  They have put together their own routine using the 5 actions and then adapted a learned routine for Line Dancing and Bhangra.

Year 7 boys discussed the actions of dance and then focussed on the Haka.  They learnt the words and movements to the traditional Haka Ka Mate and then adapted some movements to include their own ideas.

Year 8 girls and boys have been studying stimulus and what stimuli can inspire a dance.  They then focussed on Thriller and created their own routine based on Michael Jackson’s iconic music video.

Year 9 girls studied the contemporary ballet of Ghost Dances by Christopher Bruce.  They created a contemporary dance in groups based on the ghosts featured in the ballet.

All of the pupils have been challenged and stretched within Dance.  They have been taken out of their comfort zones and made to think ‘outside the box’.  I am really pleased with how every pupil has responded to dance this half term.  Despite some quite challenging concepts, they have excelled and really shone.