KMF Young Engineer of the Year

On Thursday 17th of March the KMF team at UAK ventured out to the Britannia Stadium to take part in a challenging day of tasks and tests. We arrived promptly before most schools and set up our corresponding table, so that we could present our payload (capsule) to the surrounding sponsors and leaders of the event like the Sent Into Space Team. We partook in activities which will consequently aid us on the final launch day where we will send our own capsules, containing our many extensive experiments, into space.

Learning how to correctly fill up our sizeable weather balloons with the hydrogen cylinders was something that members of our team found very useful for helping us to ensure that everything will run smoothly on the day.

Also having the opportunity to network with the other 22 schools from our local area was greatly beneficial in aiding our thought processes. This allowed us to evaluate and improve our original ideas which will produce us with the best capsule and moreover make us the best school.

However, the highlight for our day by far was getting to meet Jason Bradbury (Presenter of The Gadget Show). He was an extremely friendly yet eccentric person and he filled us with pure enthusiasm and excitement as he drove home from the event in his Porsche.

Along with other Sent Into Space members, Bradbury ended the day by demonstrating the launch process in which we must complete ourselves in less than two months’ time. Excitement raged through the air as they released the balloon into the warm Spring day, young people poised with their cameras to later learn from analysing the footage they captured. For the next few following hours after returning to school, we tracked their payload until it eventually popped in Brecon, Wales, gaining the knowledge which we would need to find our payload on the final day.

Written by Catherine Proctor Year 10

KMF Young Engineer of the Year event at The Britannia Stadium

KMF Young Engineer of the Year event at The Britannia Stadium