Llangollen Music Festival

EisteddfodLlangollen Music Festival

On Thursday 5th July we went to Llangollen Music Festival.  It was a day full of excitement and musical experiences. We listened to a range of different music styles such as classical and alternative.

As we were walking around we saw and experienced many different cultures such as music native to Ukraine and Singapore.

At 1 o’clock we kept the theme of the festival, which was peace, by holding hands with everyone around us, in silence, for one minute.

There was plenty of things to buy at the Eisteddfed festival such as snakes on sticks, which a lot of us bought. Edie’s was called Sandra and mine was Colin.

Written By Edie and Grace – Year 9

The photo showing everyone linking hands was to represent the 1 minute of Peace and Respect at 1pm during Youth day.