Local Lady, Marie Steel, in Cancer Battle

A local woman and previous student of Maryhill High School has been diagnosed with secondary liver cancer. Marie Steel, 28, is battling the disease whilst continuing to look after her two children, aged 3 and 5. She has also previously lost her mother to breast cancer. Marie, of Kidsgrove is undergoing a new treatment called selective internal radiotherapy, which entails a keyhole surgery style operation which delivers tiny microspheres of radiation directly to the tumour. The process uses the hepatic artery, which supplies the tumour with oxygen and nutrients. As the liver is supplied by the portal vein, the treatment causes minimal damage to the liver whilst damaging and hopefully shrinking the tumour. It is hoped that this will prolong Marie’s life with while maintaining the best possible standard of life for her and her family. Sadly this may still mean that Marie has merely months to live….
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