Maryhill Students Star in Dance 011

Dance 011 is a Dance festival performed every year at the Regent Theatre, Hanley.  We were invited to take part this year, and so jumped at the chance!  The theme this year was ‘Local and Global’!

Six pupils from Years 10 and 11 put together a routine, paying homage to local hero Sir Reginald Mitchell, with influences from 1940’s dance styles including the jive!

The whole day was tremendous!  The girls had their own dressing room, making them feel like celebrities!  They put so much hard work into making the routine a success and it really paid off.

I am so pleased with the girls’ performance; it was full of energy and really put Maryhill High School on the map for Dance!

I would like to thank the students who took part, for their professionalism and exceptional behaviour the whole day!  You made me incredibly proud!

Miss Hambleton – PE Department

The Dance 011 Students are: Stephanie Eardley 11CR, Carley Mack, Lucy Simms 11DP, Megan Williamson 11LH, Kimberley Thorley 10CC and Phoebe Sammon 10DN.