Measles in Staffordshire – MMR catch-up programme

We have received a letter from Dr Alison Teale, Consultant in Public Health, Staffordshire County Council with an update regarding the measles situation in Staffordshire, and have been asked to pass on the details to parents/carers.

“Numbers of measles cases are being closely monitored, and the position is that we still do not have a measles outbreak in Staffordshire. However the risk of an outbreak remains high. The local MMR catch-up programme is being organised with GPs across Staffordshire, and the main route for MMR vaccination will be via GP surgeries. Over the coming weeks and months, children aged 10-16 years who require MMR vaccinations will be contacted by their GP practice, who will arrange for the immunisation within the practice. The aim is for those children who require MMR to be vaccinated via the catch-up programme before the start of the autumn term in September 2013.”