Media Visit to Packmoor Primary School

Miss Williams and Mr Marchington visited Packmoor Primary School with 3 Kidsgrove Sixth Form Media students to make a news report about recycling – with the assistance of 54 Year 6 students! 

The Year 6 students were split into groups and had the opportunity to take part in filming and editing, helped by our Sixth Formers. There was some excellent feedback given in the form of a questionnaire, with some great comments from the students. It seems that their main complaint was that they wanted to do it for longer!

Rebecca: “It gave me a chance to do something different & learn new skills ”

Luke: “I have learnt a lot of things about Media”

Francesca: “It’s a new experience for me & this is the best thing I’ve ever done”

Olivia: “It was fun & it helped us if we wanted to become a journalist”