New BBC Documentary – ‘The Gift’

The BBC is currently in production of a new documentary, called ‘The Gift’,  that will become a prime time show on BBC One – and they need your help.  They are looking for people to help take part in the show, and believe Maryhill High School students and parents may know someone who could benefit.

It’s a programme that will help people try and make amends for something that they have done or express their gratitude to someone who has changed their life.  For many people it is often not possible to do this by themselves – they may have no idea how to track down the stranger who saved their life – or perhaps they can’t find the courage to make an approach to an old friend alone. The Gift is the programme that can help them achieve this.  With a team of professional mediators, psychologists and experts in tracing people, the programme will help put these people in touch, help them find a gesture or gift that represents their feelings and support them through a meeting.

Please click the link below to download the advert that has the link to an application form, so you can pass it on to otherdor use it yourself to apply.  The BBC and the staff at Maryhill are grateful for your help and participation.