New Maryhill Anti-Bullying Page

The Maryhill High School website now has a new anti-bullying web page, an in depth area where information on the school’s anti-bullying policy and charter, as well as helpful information for both students and parents, and useful links to various anti-bullying websites and services if you need to know more.  To access this page, please move your mouse to the Parents menu at the top of the page, then click Anti-Bullying.  Alternatively, you can click here.

Maryhill treats bullying very seriously, and understand that it is sometimes difficult to speak out against it if it is happening to you or your child.  To this end, we have a special e-mail address that students or parents can contact, in a private, fully confidential way.  To write to this e-mail, please see the anti-bullying page, or click here.