Welcome to the University Academy Kidsgrove Anti-Bullying Page

“Bullying is not tolerated at University Academy Kidsgrove”

The purpose of this page is to provide support and guidance to students who feel they are victims of bullying and to parents who fear their child is being bullied.

Email: to contact the University Academy Kidsgrove Anti-Bullying Support Team.

Click here to be taken to the Childline website.

What is bullying?

Bullying may be defined as the activity of repeated, aggressive behaviour intended to hurt another person, physically or mentally (a ‘one-off’ argument with a friend is not bullying). Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gain power over another person.


I am being bullied. What should I do?

Do not blame yourself and do not be afraid to ask for help.

If there is an incident in class, report it to your class teacher.If an incident occurs during lunchtime, report it to a Lunctime Supervisor or member of staff on duty.

You can also talk to your Form Tutor, Year Leader, Mrs Peel or Mrs Mitchell in Student Support. They will listen and be able to help you.

If you feel you cannot talk about what is happening, you can email the anti-bullying support team in confidence by emailing:  or you can contact Childline for advice.

I think my friend is being bullied. What should I do?

If you are worried about a friend, you can help them by talking to your Form Tutor, Year Leader, or Mrs Mitchell in Student Support or by emailing our anti-bullying support team – Email: You are not being disloyal to your friend; it is important that you tell an adult so they can help.


I think my child is being bullied. What should I do?

You need to consider the evidence calmly. When your child is upset, it can be very easy to take things out of perspective. Is your child being bullied or is it just a ‘one-off’ argument with a friend? If the incident occurs with the same student on several occasions and is happening during school hours, then this is bullying and you need to contact the school. You can email our anti-bullying support team by emailing: or contact your child’s Year Leader by email, telephone or by writing a note in your child’s planner. It would be helpful if you can gather as much information as possible from your child before contacting us (names, incidents, dates, witnesses etc) but don’t worry if you are not able to do this. All reports of bullying are taken seriously and are treated as urgent but please be aware that all Year Leaders have teaching commitments and will need time to investigate the allegations.

What about cyber-bullying?

Cyber-bullying includes e-mail, instant messenger, chatrooms and texts. Tell your child not to reply to abusive messages but do not delete them. The majority of cyber-bullying occurs outside of school hours, therefore you would need to report it to the police. Most websites and chat providers have specific procedures and assistance for reporting cyber-bullying.

University Academy Kidsgrove Anti-Bullying Charter

At the end of the summer term in July 2012, we held an Anti-Bullying event involving years 7 and 8, in collaboration with the local Police.  The workshops were held to raise awareness of the definition of bullying and the types of bullying.   The excellent behaviour of our students was commented on by PC Smart and I had the pleasure of taking part in the workshops.   I was very proud to witness the high level of co-operation our students displayed.

The aim was for the students to produce an Anti-Bullying Charter.  The students had some brilliant ideas and interacted well in their groups, producing great ideas towards our Anti-Bullying Charter.  At the end of the two sessions, their ideas were collated and a Charter was produced.  There is a display in our foyer for all to see and the Charter is displayed in classrooms and adopted by all forms.

Anti-Bullying is a topic discussed regularly in form time.  Bullying incidents are rare at University Academy Kidsgrove and any reported incidents are dealt with swiftly.  Week commencing 19 November is Anti-Bullying week and to support this we are selling wrist bands in school to promote Anti-Bullying.  Our assemblies will be focused around this and will involve outside agencies coming in to speak to our year groups about bullying and what to do if it happens.” Mrs Mitchell

Anti Bullying Policy 2012