Letters Home

Letters Home – 2017/18 Academic Year

UCAT Letter to parents re moving to new sponsor – June 2018

Y10 Mock Exams June 2018

Y9 Mock Exams June 2018

Y7 & 8 Mock Exams June 2018

Y8 War Horse Trip (Nov 17)

Y7 Bourneville and Cadbury World (Mar 18)

Y9 and 10 Maths Jam NULC (Mar 18)

Y11 Pre prom invitation letter (Mar 18)

Y9 Options Evening Invitation (Mar 18)

Y9 Spanish FCSE (Mar 18)

Y10 and 11 Trip to Sorrento Final Meeting (Mar 18)

Y8 and 9 Team Maths Challenge Keele (Mar 18)

Y11 GCSE PE – Cricket Assessment (Mar 18)

Y10 Young Engineer Competitors Test Day (Mar 18)

Y7 and 8 PSHE Day – students not on trip (March 18)

Y9 PSHE Day (March 18)

Y10 PSHE Day (March 18)

Y11 PSHE Day (March 18)

Y10 Appetite Project Volunteers vist to Clough Hall Park (Mar 18)

Y7 Parent’s Evening Letter and Pupil Appointment Sheet

Y11 GCSE PE – Northwood Stadium (March 18)

Y7-9 Scholastic Book Fair (Feb 18)

Y7 and 8 RE trip to Derby Open Centre (Feb 18)

Y11 Leavers Hoodies (Feb 2018)

Y10 and Y11 trip to Sorrento Italy (Feb 2018)

Y9 and 10 Foreign Language Leaders Award (Jan 18)

Y9 Parent’s Evening Letter and Pupil Appointment Sheet

Y11 GCSE Computer Science NEA Jan 18

Y11 Exam Entries Summer 2018 (23.1.18)

Y11 Candidate exam handbook 2017-2018 (23.1.18)

Y10 Parent’s Evening Letter and Pupil Appointment Sheet

History trip to Battlefields (Jan 18)

Y11 GCSE RE Revision Guide (Jan 18)

Y10 GCSE Art Liverpool Galleries trip (Jan 18)

Y11 GCSE History Revision Sessions (Jan 18)

Y11 GCSE History Revision Sessions – additional dates (Jan 18)

Y7 & 8 Treasure Island Trip (Nov 17)

Basketball League Cup Final Trip (Jan 2018)

Y8 Trip to Natural History Museum London (Jan 18)

Last day of term early finish Dec 17

UAK choir visit to Tesco (Dec 17)

UAK choir visit to Maple Tree Court (Dec 17)

Y10 & 11 GCSE Spanish Fashion Competition (Dec 17)

Y11 GCSE Spanish Revision Guide (Dec 17)

Christmas Show Parent Letter November 2017

Y11 GCSE PE Intervention Letter Dec 17

Y11 GCSE Computer Science NEA Nov 17

Italy trip letter November 2017

Y7-11 History proposed visit to Ypres July 2018

Geography Revision Guide Letter November 2017

Pupil Appointment Sheet   Y8 Parents’ Evening Letter PDF

Pupil Appointment Sheet   Y11 Parents’ Evening Letter PDF

Year 11 Mock Exam Letter and Notes for December/January 2018


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