Primary pupils get creative with University Academy Kidsgrove

Throughout the term, students at University Academy Kidsgrove (UAK) welcomed Year 5 pupils from University Primary Academy Kidsgrove (UPAK) to get creative and experience high school learning.


Every fortnight, Year 5 pupils work with the Art department to produce artwork based on the topics they are currently studying in primary school. Pupils have been learning new skills and techniques in painting and colour mixing. The children have been exploring the theme of the ‘Rainforest’ and produced their work the style of Brita Lynn Thompson.

Mrs S Bailey, Teacher of Art said: “I have got to know the Year 5 pupils and found them to be very creative. They can describe their work and that made by others. We have tried colour mixing using paint with the pupils creating rainforest leaves. We have also looked at the detailed work of Brita Lynn Thompson and designed toucans in her style.”


Owen, pupil at UPAK said: “We have been doing Art at UAK making designs in the style of Brita Lynn Thompson. We are designing a toucan because these are found in the rainforest which we have been looking at school.”

Lucas, Year 5 pupil at UPAK said: “We had a toucan drawing and inside them we put Brita Lynn Thompson’s details such as spirals, checker board and cross hatching.”

James, year 5 pupils also said: “We had to draw spirals and flowers in our toucan and then go over it with pen.”