Students challenge their Mathematics knowledge with Hegarty Maths

University Academy Kidsgrove (UAK) have recently signed a deal with Hegarty Maths. Hegarty Maths is a mathematics service created by World Teacher of the Year finalist, Colin Hegarty.

Colin Hegarty formally held a career in Finance before changing his job to become a Maths Teacher. Colin created thousands of help guides and videos for his pupils, which were quickly discovered by pupils and teachers nationwide. Colin made such an impact that he won 2014 Pearson Teacher of the Year Award in recognition.

In 2015, Colin also gained the support of Richard Branson, who was so impressed that he asked, “Why can’t you have been around 50 years ago, when I was in school?”. Hegarty Maths quickly gained international attention when his videos started helping pupils around the world, Colin was also a finalist in the prestigious Global Teacher of the Year Award.

Hegarty Maths aims to create a structure that benefits pupils learning and helps teachers understand how hard pupils worked at home – in his own words, “We knew we could get better…” so he created is an online system that tracks progress, recommends building blocks topics that help pupils who are struggling, stretches pupils with their next steps, analyses what pupils have struggled with and strengthen their knowledge.

One of the most powerful features is that teachers can reward effort and the progress on related topics by spending lots of time learning online, the teacher will know this. It also has built in systems to prevent copying.

When Colin heard that UAK were signing up for Hegarty Maths, Colin Hegarty said: “This is fantastic news and we are so excited to partner with you next year.”

The Maths department at UAK are also excited about it. students who have used Hegarty Maths are already impressed.

During the first week, year 9 student Jacob S had answered a staggering 451 questions correctly and pupils spent a total of 267 hours learning Mathematics online. For more details about Hegarty Maths, please visit

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