Sponsored Skip for the British Heart Foundation

50 students took part in our annual sponsored skip to raise monies for the British Heart Foundation on Tuesday 8th March and once again, they have done themselves proud.

For the event the students were asked to remain active for the whole hour by skipping and trying different tricks and skipping styles. They worked tremendously hard and by the end all had given 110%. Some students even mastered Double Dutch and Link skipping.

The students were sponsored for their hard work and have raised in excess of £1,500 – more than the rest of the charity fundraising at UAK since September put together.

I would also like to pass on my extended thanks to Mrs Weaver, Mrs Castrey and Mr Till who gave up their time to help to supervise and motivate the students.

Once again a HUGE THANK YOU and WELL DONE to all of you that took part.

A very proud PE teacher, Mrs Brammeld.

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