Sports Week 2012

Sports Week

Sports Week took place between 2nd July and 5th July, with every year group competing on a different day.  Despite the miserable weather, the pupils persevered and performed brilliantly.  The behaviour of the pupils was outstanding and it was really nice to see them making a positive contribution to their teams and organising themselves in events.

Pupils competed in five events; Rounder’s, Sprinting, the Egg and Spoon Race, the Sack Race and an obstacle course.  Because of the mixture of events, the turn out from each form was very encouraging.  In year 7, 82% of pupils took part.  80% of year 8 pupils, 76% of year 9 and 74% of year 10 pupils participated over the four days.  Overall, 78% of the whole school participated.

Each form competed against others in their year group for the coveted title and trophy.  Previously, no form has won the trophy two years in a row. The results are as follows:

Year 7 Sports Day Winners- 7MR with 23 points

Year 8 Sports Day Winners – 8JS with 23 points (second year in a row)

Year 9 Sports Day Winners – 9GJ with 27 points

Year 10 Sports Day Winners 10KH & 10LW with 24 points

Well done to all the competitors and winners!