Sports Week 2015 at UAK

Sports Week at UAK

During the week beginning 15th June, pupils took part in the academy’s annual sports week.  This year they competed in 3 team events, with all the points going towards the total on sports day.

Pupils took in a team Obstacle course, Kingball and Rounders.  Overall, 313 pupils took part; totalling 75%.  Pupils displayed excellent talent and enthusiasm.  It was nice to see pupils working together for a common goal.  Thank you to all that took part and supported.

The interform leaders by at the end of Sports Week are shown below:

  Form Points Points difference
Year 7 NMI & JR2 15 +1
Year 8 KC 16 +1
Year 9 SMO 14 +3
Year 10 MJL 20 +7

This event was followed by Sports Day on July 9th which determine the overall form winners!

Look out  for the final Sports Day results along with super photos from the day appearing on our website next week!