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Year 10 Enterprise Day Feedback

Each year, Year 10 students have the opportunity to experience an Enterprise Day. Held on the 14 July 2010, alongside PACE day 5, students were able to use a variety of skills to complete a range of tasks in a small team. One such task involved making a roller-coaster, which was a firm favourite with the students. Take a look at the feedback below to see what the students thought of the day as a whole.

95% students thought it was a good day
97% students thought it was interesting
99% students understood what was presented
93% students learnt new things about being enterprising
91% students learnt new things about working with other people
89% students learnt new things about communication
84% students thought day had been helpful to them
Although not a learning objective, roughly 79% reported that the day had boosted their self confidence.  Here are a selection of quotes from students who have taken part when asked what they enjoyed mlst about the day:

    • “Today has been really good – thank you.”
    • “Working in teams I wouldn’t normally work in.”


  • “Our roller-coaster disaster!”
  • “I liked working with people I didn’t really know and I liked doing things that I normally wouldn’t do.”
  • “It was just brilliant!”
  • “Everything, it was mint!”
    “Good way to get people motivated and thinking as a team!”
  • “Having to make and achieve something in a limited amount of time.”
  • “Working with people who I hardly knew.”
  • “Really enjoyable day, nothing bad.”
  • “Creating the egg holders and roller-coaster; meeting new people.”
  • “The taking part in everything with my group.”


  • “Nothing could have been done better – it’s hard to be in a room full of easily bored teenagers!”
  • “I enjoyed the practicals; making hat and roller coaster”
  • “All of it!”
    “Making the different things; [They were] really good at organizing activities; the roller-coaster designing and how friendly the staff were.”
  • “It has all been amazing!”
  • “Being able to let your imagination go; working in a team.”
  • “It was fun and interesting as we got to do interesting activities that were enjoyable.”
  • “I enjoyed making the roller-coaster as it challenged me and the team.”

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