Students ‘gear up’ with KMF Engineering Group to manufacture their own electrical powered race car

KMF Engineering Group has worked closely with students at University Academy Kidsgrove (UAK) to promote the exciting opportunities available to young people if they choose to enter a career in Engineering and Technology.

On Wednesday, March 14, students visited the grounds at Newcastle Football Club where they were prepared for a challenging day of tasks and tests.

The young engineers took part in the first ‘test run’ for their green car project. The project aims to enable students to develop their STEM skills through the application of Design Technology and Engineering.

Eleven students from Year 10 have been working on building the car since October 2017 and they regularly work during their lunch break and after school to complete the build.


The test run allowed students to calibrate and rectify any potential issues with the vehicle before the big race day in July. The test race also gave the students an opportunity to observe their competitor’s vehicles and the materials they have used. During the test run the students noticed a steering malfunction and were able to resolve the problem before the race day.

The project has given students a chance to work together in teams, through the excitement of motorsport and STEM. Students have taken an active role in team discussions and have taken the responsibility for driving, mechanics, design and marketing for the project.

KMF aims to capture the imagination of our young people and fire their enthusiasm towards careers in a STEM-related subjects or apprenticeships. KMF is the market leader in the supply of precision sheet metal fabrication and engineering solutions. The KMF Engineering Group is committed to Quality, Investment and Innovation and to providing contract metal manufacturing solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors.


Mr J Twigg, Teacher of Technology, said: “The day went really well and it has been great for the students to work as a team together.”

Jude Green, Year 10 student said: “I had an amazing day out with the rest of the KMF team. I had never driven the car before today and getting to have a go was great fun.”

Students will race their vehicle on Wednesday 18th July.