UAK is ‘making considerable progress’ according to latest Ofsted inspection.

University Academy Kidsgrove is making ‘considerable progress’ according to latest Ofsted inspection.

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University Academy Kidsgrove (UAK) has welcomed comments from Ofsted Inspectors, who have confirmed that UAK is ‘taking effective action towards the removal of Special Measures’ following a recent two-day monitoring inspection.

The comment from Her Majesty’s Inspector Alun Williams follows the third monitoring inspection at the school since it was placed in Special Measures after an inspection in February 2015.

Alun Williams, HMI Inspector, reported: ‘The Acting Principal is ambitious and determined to see the Academy improve.’ The report added: ‘Together, the Acting Principal and senior leadership team have acted swiftly and robustly since the last monitoring inspection to tackle, head on, the Academy’s weaknesses, and considerable progress is evident as a result.

‘Teachers and pupils hold the Academy’s senior leaders in high regard and they express confidence in the changes that leaders are making’.

Inspectors identified that: ‘The Academy is very calm and orderly at the start and end of the day, at break and lunchtime. Pupils are cheerful, courteous and polite to adults and to their peers.

‘Teaching continues to improve across the Academy so that more of it is now effective in ensuring that pupils make better progress.’ They added that ‘Pupils continue to feel safe in the Academy.’

The report highlights that UCAT as a sponsor: ‘is brokering a range of effective support for the Academy.’

Mr Andy Bygrave, Acting Principal of UAK commented: “The University Academy Kidsgrove is one of UCAT’s secondary academies and inspectors have confirmed we are taking effective action towards the removal of Special Measures. This report is a testament to the resilience, determination and ambition of the leadership team, our students, the staff and the support we receive from parents to ensure UAK continues to improve.”

He added: “Being part of the UCAT family of schools has provided us with invaluable support from other UCAT academies.  By working together we have achieved so much more for our students than we could do as an individual academy.”