UAK Sports Day 2015


On a glorious day on 9th July, UAK hosted its second annual whole academy Sports Day.  Students have been working towards this day all year; all of the points from the interform competitions and sports week culminate in this day’s events.

KS4 competed in the morning and KS3 competed in the afternoon.  When students were not competing they were taking part in sports related lessons in classrooms.  This Sports Day was all inclusive, with every pupil in the academy taking part in a sport related activity at some point in the day.

Competitors took part in 800m, 200m, 100m, 4 x 100m Relay, Shot Putt, Standing Broad Jump and Javelin.  There was also a form banner competition and supporters waved these to cheer on their friends.

In total there were 264 pupils physically taking part, plus 136 officiators.  This resulted in 93% of the academy out on the field taking part in Sports Day.

The day was a huge success and 80 gold medals were given out!

Thank you to all competitors, helpers, staff and supporters!  The day was brilliant because of you!

The 2015 winners for each year group are shown below:

Winning Form Points Points Difference
7JR2 71 +6
8ERO 73 +8
9CHI 59 +2
10MJL 72 +10