UAK Students Visit Newcastle-under-Lyme College

On Wednesday 8 June, Newcastle-under-Lyme College invited Year 10 pupils to experience a range of courses.

The courses gave our pupils the chance to experience art, photography, theatre, construction, public services, sport, beauty, graphics, travel, business, painting and decorating, media, and psychology. Students enjoyed the day immensely taking part in their chosen activities, hearing about college life and the opportunities available post 16.

UAK staff took part in each event seeing the pupils learn in a whole new way in the purpose built facilities.

I was fortunate to move around the college experiencing all of the activities and it was excellent. The whole day was well planned and the staff were so welcoming. It was good to see all of the pupils engage in the activities with enthusiasm and determination to complete the tasks.”’ Mr McCue, Assistant Principal.

We received excellent feedback from the college regarding the behaviour of our pupils on the day.

“I have been inundated with emails and lecturers coming to me to comment how good your pupils were. They have all said that the groups they had really got involved and were asking questions etc. All pupils had a really positive attitude to the different sessions, were well behaved and very polite with the lecturers and during dinner. They have represented your Academy incredibly well and we would love to run a similar day next year.”

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