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At the Governors’ Meeting on 17th December 2012, it was unanimously agreed by the board that Maryhill High School should apply to the Department of Education to become an academy under the sponsorship of UCAT.

The University of Chester Academy Trust is the leading University multi-sponsor of Academies nationally with a capacity for school to school improvement spanning over 250 schools.  This means that UCAT will use their knowledge and funding to bring a new lease of life to the school and make the education experience better for all, including students, staff and parents.

The application is currently at the Department for Education awaiting a decision, and there will be a full consultation process, therefore the school will keep you fully informed on any developments, so please keep checking back to this page for any more developments.  This page will be periodically updated with information about the application and UCAT itself  but, in the meantime, please look at their website below for any information you require.


Becoming an Academy

The new proposed Academy’s vision and aim is to become an outstanding school and maintain and develop further the strong community links. This will be accomplished through:

  • raising current attainment standards
  • developing a flexible curriculum that supports learners and offers personalised learning pathways
  • providing cutting edge ICT support and equipment
  • using research based ‘best practice’ to inform and improve teaching and learning
  • providing extra support for those students with SEN and break down learning barriers
  • transforming learning within the community and provide educational opportunities for all
  • raising student’s aspiration by building their self-esteem and ensuring all students are reaching their individual potential regardless of background, race, or ability
  • engaging parents and the local community by developing an open & honest communication culture
  • strengthening and developing staff performance through CPD, Performance Management, quality assurance and rigorous self-evaluation
  • developing the Sixth form and offering more courses

Visions and Aims

The proposed Academy’s vision is to raise all students’ aspirations and achievements and go on to and as a school set our targets to outstanding status. The vision stems from the belief that by offering young people an outstanding range of opportunities and experiences; they will discover their ideal learning pathway.Underpinning this vision the aims of the Academy are:

  • To ensure all students reach their academic and personal potential
  • To ensure student achievement in all its forms is at the heart of everything we do
  • To be a place where teachers and leaders want to work and students want to learn
  • To strengthen parental engagement and community cohesion to support the achievement of all
  • An early and relentless focus on literacy both written and oral, and numeracy to ensure that students can access a broad curriculum offer
  • A commitment from all staff to delivering excellence so that every child can achieve
  • A commitment to meaningful personalised learning opportunities that ensure no student fails to achieve and progress to a useful, fulfilling and appropriate life pathway
  • A commitment to maximising the use of new technologies to strengthen independent learning



We are currently considering changing our uniform and in particular a UCAT academy uniform which includes a quality black and red trim blazer, tie and PE top. There are also discussions about the possibility of a pleated tartan skirt.


If at this stage you have any enquiries, please visit the “Consultation Zone” and “Wish Wall” pages, which have been set up by UCAT so that you can voice your concerns or suggestions directly to them.  We hope these features will be as useful as possible in informing you about the proposals.

As well as this, we also have a Questions and Answers page, which features a list of questions that are commonly asked by parents, and their answers which are as concise and as truthful as possible.  The staff at Maryhill High School and UCAT want you to be as comfortable and informed about these proposed changes as possible, so any further information can also be forwarded to the headteacher directly through the school office.