Under 16s Girls Netball Results: September

Maryhill 10 v Madeley 3

This was their first match of the season for the girls and they played tremendously well. The passing and linking play was very strong which allowed them to flow down the court with ease and precision.

Maryhill 4 v Chesterton 8

This was their second match and they were straight into the difficult game. The match was fast paced and the girls played exceptionally well. The score at half time was Chesterton 4 Maryhill 3!

At the start of the second half Chesterton scored a quick goal and this allowed them to build a slight advantage quickly. Our girls never gave up and again demonstrated brilliant skills and game awareness.

The overall score was Chesterton 8 Maryhill 4. This will be an interesting match when we replay them in April.

Maryhill 8 v St John Fisher 4

The girls played particularly well against this team and some of the passing and linking play was exceptional. The girls kept their composure and were determined to win. The score at half time was Maryhill 4 and St. John Fisher 0. In the second half St. John Fisher brought out their substitutes including a very tall shooter. This did not phase the girls and with continued efforts from all they finished the game 8-4 in their favour.

Maryhill 11 v N.C.H.S 2 

Another well played game and the girls made sure that they did not take the pace out if the game, which allowed them to gain a very comfortable lead by half time. The score was 8 – 0 in our favour. The girls had a hard task in the second half of not to allow themselves to switch off. They didn’t and this allowed them to seal the game with an 11-2 victory.

Well done ladies it was a pleasure to watch and umpire your games and I can see the improvement in all of you in each game you play. I look forward to your up and coming games.

Miss. Lowndes

Maryhill Under 16s Netball Team

Kayleigh Amison, Charlotte Bowcock, Alice Butler, Demi Dawson, Charley Smith (11AS), Georgia Moss (11CR), Alyce Bridges, Laura Cadman, Hayley Gibson (11IN), Leanne Manwaring and Annalise Potts (11LH)