University Academy Kidsgrove EU Referendum

On 23 June 2016, UAK conducted its own independent EU referendum, with the aim to teach pupils of the reality of voting and making decisions that affect their future. Voting began at 8:40am with Rachel Dudley-Jones casting the first pupil vote and Ms Needham being the first member of staff. Our Principal, Mr Bygrave, was the last person to attend the polling station which officially closed at 1pm.

After totalling the ballots, the results show us that the majority voted to leave the EU with a winning percentage of 57% to 43% voting to remain. However, unfortunately 54 ballot papers had to be voided as these voters failed to follow the instructions by ticking the box instead of putting a cross.

Three pupils exercised their democratic rights by choosing not to vote. This minority of pupils may have had different reasons as to why they made this decision, such as their religious beliefs.

It will be interesting to compare the Academy’s referendum results to that of the national results which will be announced at 6am on Friday 24 June 2016.

  • Catherine Proctor
  • Lauren Sanders
  • Hannah Batho
  • Jaxon Housley
  • Hannah Sproston
Group Remain Leave Spoilt Papers
Year 7 25 46 11
Year 8 21 47 18
Year 9 36 57 10
Year 10 40 34 14
Staff 24 10 1
Total 146 194 54

P1010563 P1010564