Visit to The Galleries of Justice Museum

Galleries of Justice Museum

During October, to enhance the study of GCSE Crime and Punishment, year 10 visited the Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham. This former County Hall is the site of many of the county’s past trials and executions.

During the trip students visited court rooms, prison cells and exercise yards, as well as seeing where public and private executions used to take place.  All pretty gruesome but fascinating!  They also experienced what it would have been like to be transported to Australia and went on a tour of how the prison system developed from the 19th century to the present day.  In the afternoon, students participated in a court room drama, acting out a case involving William Saville, a notorious murderer who was one of the last public hangings in Nottingham.

Students enjoyed the visit, saying that it was “fantastic” and gave them “a great insight”, one student on the trip also said it was the “best visit” they had ever been on!  As always, our group behaved exceptionally and were excellent ambassadors for the academy.