Wolverhampton Holy Buildings Trip

Holy Buildings Wolverhampton

Between 25th and 27th of September, Year 7 students travelled to Wolverhampton with Mr Phillips, Miss Sexton, Miss Williams, Mrs Peach and Miss Masters to visit different Holy Buildings and learn about various religions.
Students visited a Mosque, a Hindu Temple and a Gurdwara, where they received talks from leaders and teachers and also sampled some Indian sweets!
Students used this valuable opportunity to explore the buildings and discover the varied forms of worship, the colourful Hindu Gods, Meditation, Langar, Holy Pudding, the 5 K’s of Sikhism and which way Mecca is!

All students were impeccably behaved and extremely respectful, making their teachers incredibly proud! Well done year 7!

‘I liked the temple because we saw people praying’
Megan Lloyd 7IN

‘I liked seeing the gods in the temple as they were colourful.’
Hannah Sproston 7

‘The temple was good as it had lots of statues.’
Adam Thomas 7

‘Working with friends and everyone was participating.’
Chloe 7PB

‘Getting to know what people who follow a different religion do.’
Hannah Capes 7DB

‘Seeing the colourful displays in the Hindu temple.’
Georgia Cartwright 7DB

‘When we wore turbans on our heads and were split up from the boys.’

‘When we saw the members of the public give the statues money and gifts.’
Nakiesha Aston 7NMI