World Book Day 2017

To celebrate World Book Day, all staff were invited to dress as a favourite character from a book. Posters were displayed around the school to explain the event and during AR all students received a book token to trade in for a brand new book at participating supermarkets. 12 members of staff came dressed as famous literary characters and Mrs Fraser wore a t-shirt with the opening lines from her favourite novel emblazoned on the back. There was a bit of confusion in reception, with visitors being greeted by Mrs Bullock dressed as the Wicked Queen! KS3 English classes had lessons dedicated to story-telling, Ms Robinson was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, pupils were asked to discuss their favourite books and lessons activities revolved around books. 9ab3 produced book posters and bookmarks. Ms Boon (aka Harry Potter) allowed her Y8 group to have fun with her wand and the Firebolt broom. The HLTA department created a ‘Macbeth’ display board with various props and quotations. Mrs Jones wore a special locket with the words from her favourite novel inside. Mrs Castrey even managed to play Volleyball whilst dressed as Alice in Wonderland! Furthermore, Dr Ma was seen carrying at least 10 books around whilst dressed as Matilda. Overall it was a fun day and we are looking forward to the Book Fair in April which Ms Robinson will be running, to further promote reading. Don’t forget to visit the Book Nook at lunchtime to read in SSC.

We love reading and know that students who read, succeed. So, today was another great opportunity to celebrate the importance and enjoyment of taking time to enjoy a story.

Students, Jack Johnson, said: “Mrs Bardsley is a Victorian lady, she looks cool”.

Ms Regan added: “Students enjoyed the buzz of the day”.