Year 10 Students Are Launching A Capsule Into Space

Tomorrow the team of Year 10 students that have taken part in the Young Engineers project will be launching their project into space. And many hours of planning, testing  and making have taken place, but we’re there.

The capsule was designed to get to above the stratosphere to take a selife of the team with the backdrop of space and the Earth.

On its climb to space the capsule will be conducting experiments such as 1) at what altitude does sound cease 2) and high altitude freezing of liquids. (using ice pops for a tasty treat when we find it) 30 data logging altitude, distance, temperature and time.

The capsule also has individual lego men (and women) with printed faces of the whole team on them and a little notes in each leg. The hope is that each lego person will “sky dive” back to earth to be found by people who can contact the email address printed on each one and to notify us of their location.

The capsule is carrying 2 HD cameras to document the flight in space, and it has GPS and RF emitters for us to track.

If you wish to track the capsule throughout the launch which begins at RAF Cosford tomorrow morning you can download the following:

SpotApp (findmespot) – This is GPS software you can see live on a map – Device is YEOTY6 UAK

Habhub – you can use the predictor to see where the capsule will land which will hopefully be on land……. And not on a motorway….. or in a lake…….. or in the sea…… or on a roof…… or in a pylon……. Or high voltage cables……. Or in a plane engine……. Or on a person, at speed…….. The aim is for it to glide peacefully back to earth into the warm embrace of a team member like they were catching something warm and comfy like a puppy, but in reality that puppy would be travelling at 60+ mph with sharp edges.

Hopefully the below image will be what we get with a picture of the students and staff in the bottom corner. The capsule will be in the staffroom at the end of the day for people to have a look at but please don’t take it apart!

If people want to use spot app, they need the username: YEOTY and the password sentintospace.