Year 11 Visit The National Memorial Arboretum

National Memorial Arboretum

Year 11 visited the National Memorial Arboretum on Thursday 20 November. The students found it a particularly moving experience. One student was obviously very touched to see an elderly gentleman at the NMA, in his wheelchair with a carer or relative. The gentleman got out of his chair and managed to potter about at the ‘Shot at Dawn’ memorial. The student went up to the man, shook his hand and said it was pleasure to meet him. The man then responded by saying it had been his pleasure to meet the student. The staff were reduced to tears, and again when the carer/relative patted the student on the back.

As regards the same elderly man, many of our pupils were very moved to see someone there who had clearly lived through the war and been so affected. Another student came up to a member of staff and asked if he should offer to help the man walk around, or did I think it might offend him. Several of the girls were also quite tearful watching the gentleman walking around and touching the memorials.

Finally, as we left the shop, a timid student stopped and held the door open for an elderly couple. The man told him he was a real gentleman.

Excellent ambassadors for the Academy once again.

Thank you to the staff for arranging the visit and to our Year 11 students for their exemplary behaviour.