Year 8 Class Band perform at Keele University

UAK’s Year 8 Class Band were asked to perform by Entrust Music Service Staffordshire to demonstrate what can be achieved through the Class band project. They performed several pieces in front of music teachers (including Heads of Department) from schools all over Staffordshire and Cheshire.

After the performance Mr Breeze received many positive comments from the visiting music teachers who were impressed with how well the students had performed and the way in which they conducted themselves.

Joshua Sourbutts: “We performed in front of music teachers at Keele University and it was very good fun. We got a round of applause from the teachers.”

Megan Burgess: “I enjoyed the conference at Keele University because I got to do a duet.”

Sophie Barber: “We were invited to perform at Keele University. It boosted my confidence more playing in front of people I didn’t know.”