Year 8 Trip to The Black Country Living Museum

Black Country Museum  2014 October_BlackCountryMuseum_Epeach_066

On Thursday 16th October 2014, 120 pupils from Year 8 visited the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley.

This was part of their work on the Industrial Revolution, where we are learning and researching in order to answer the key question: ‘Was the period 1750-1900 the best time to be British?’

On the visit we looked at a variety of buildings from the time period- mines, workshops, houses, shops and even the pub (but only from the outside)! A favourite with the pupils was the traditional sweet shop.  Some groups rode on the bus, others played Victorian childhood games in the street, whilst other groups visited the traditional fair ground for the ride of their lives! All through the visit, pupils were looking for information on living and working conditions in this time period to learn about the positive and negative aspects, which will help them in the end of term assessment.  The subsequent homework task helped to summarise all of these ideas.

The museum was exceptionally busy on the day of our visit, both with members of the public and with other school groups.  I would like to thank our pupils for their excellent behaviour and enthusiasm on the day, which made them fantastic ambassadors for UAK and made me very proud. Well done Year 8!   – Mrs Peach