Year 9 Boys’ Charity Head Shave!

7 IMG_1901Four of our year 9 students agreed to have their heads shaved (or otherwise altered) in front of an audience of fellow students, staff and even the local press!  The stunt was set up in order to raise money for the charity organisations ‘Fresh Hair’ and ‘Cancer Research’.

Charles Sewell, Ryan Jackson, David Armstrong and Jamie Dodsworth were each brave enough to allow Steve from ‘Stefanos’ Barbers in Burslem to mess with their heads for Charity and Tula Lowe from ‘Fresh Hair’ also came along to support the boys.

The students were inspired to support this very worthy cause after their science teacher, Miss Carroll, was herself diagnosed with breast cancer.  Miss Carroll attended the event to give the courageous students her encouragement. She is now undergoing treatment for cancer and is also raising money for the charities.

The boys raised an impressive £366.00!

Read more about ‘Fresh hair’ at:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=63&cntnt01origid=81&cntnt01returnid=82

and ‘Cancer Research’ at: