Year 9 STEM science event

Maryhill High School students put their design, technology, engineering and maths talents to the test in a unique one-day Wind Turbine challenge.  The Year 9 students were tasked with designing and constructing a wind turbine to produce the greatest amount of electricity. Pictures from the event can be found in the gallery below.

Having been given this wonderful opportunity, the students were shown how science, design and technology relate to engineering in the outside world. Many of the students commented on how they enjoyed the chance to spend a day on a mini project and how they were challenged to work creatively as a team!  They were all thoroughly immersed in concentration throughout the activity and the science department hope this will encourage them to consider these subjects when making future career choices.

The school was also given a free STEM-in-a-Box, providing them with the resources to set up an after-school STEM club where up to twenty Year 8 and/or Year 9 pupils will get to design and build a propelled glider!

Please find a link to the press release from the event organisers below:

Press Release – STEM.