Year 10

Welcome to University Academy Kidsgrove Year 10 page

Year 10 Head of Learning: Mrs Moore

Year 10 Learning Coach: Mrs Steele

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JCQ Information for candidates – onscreen tests 2014-2015

JCQ Information for candidates – Privacy Notice 2014-2015

JCQ Information for candidates – social media 2014-2015

JCQ Information for candidates – written exams 2014-2015

JCQ Information for candidates Controlled Assessments 2014-2015

Student notice exam regulations & stationery

Important notes about exam rules:
Exams – rules and guidance – as a pdf document
Exams – rules and guidance – as a PowerPoint presentation

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Coursework and Exam Revision

Please see your subject teacher for details on coursework catch up and revision sessions being held at lunchtimes and after school.

Have you collected your exam certificates? We have a number of unclaimed certificates – please go to the Academy Office to see if we have yours!

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Important information for parents regarding an increase in the cases of Measles – please CLICK HERE

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New e-bullying support email, for advice and support email:

Free online e-safety training for parents is available at

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Under Twenties Bus Travel Discount With the ‘Your Staffordshire Card’

If you are under twenty and live in Staffordshire Staffordshire County Council can offer you a card which will allow you to travel for just £1 on any bus journey which starts or ends in the county. That’s a really cheap bus trip to see your mates, get to school or college or just to get out and go places.

Interested? Click here to find out more.

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Year 10 Charities

Students wanted to donate money to a charity for animals and have decided on the Dogs Trust as their chosen charity. Students debated which dog to adopt within their form groups and then took this to a meeting of the student council to agree upon a dog!

Year 10: Jock from Glasgow

Age: 7 Years

Gender: I’m a boypx235jock5

Breed: Mongrel

About me: I’m sorry you can’t visit me, but I do make a terrific penpal! I’m a bit of a cheeky boy but my heart’s in the right place! I’ve just got a lot of energy which makes it hard to stay still and behave!

Update December 2013: My wee doggy pal, Buster, and I have been busy making our Christmas lists for Santa Paws, with squeaky toys and tennis balls right at the top! I still love learning wee tricks, and it’s the perfect time to do it when it’s rainy and cold outside. My carer Dionne is super impressed with my new one. When she holds up the ‘red’ sign, I can dash over to the red cone! So Rudolf better watch out – I’ll spot his nose from miles away!

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